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hot n fresh pizza pizza! you can't resist it

#8 - discontinuing this version of the site

3rd April 2021

so this version of the website has been the main version for about 1 and a half years now, since august 2019

i made this with the intention of helping me build up a sizeable amount of experience with php and just web dev in general, and it really has helped a ton

but honestly it just sorta smells given it was made when i was still learning the basics, so it just doesnt really seem suitable to have as my primary website anymore

it'll be moved to a separate subdomain and will be preserved but what's now displayed on pizzaboxer.xyz is just a general personal site and stuff

and it kinda sucks that the ads at the top and bottom of each dont really work anymore since goodblox restricted the number of viewable pages to logged-out users. oh and it's shut down now. oh well.

also i disabled the file uploader, that shit was a liability nightmare lmao (looking at you dreamer)

anyway this is probably the last ever update you're seeing here. cya

#7 - we are now pizzaboxer.xyz

24th July 2020

sorry for the 2nd relocation lol

#6 - we are now boxerpizza.ml

11th July 2020

fuck you freenom

#5 - A soon farewell to Endless Hosting

18th April 2020

[UPDATE 2] pizzaRepo has now merged. repo.pizzaboxer.ml is now discontinued.

[UPDATE] pizzaboxer.ml has now moved web hosts. pizzaRepo will soon merge.

For 9 months, I've been using Endless Hosting. Since June 2019, they've really been a great option as a free host for me and they've worked hard to maintain so and even still I would personally recommend it to anybody else over InfinityFree and 000webhost.

It's been there even when I was still learning the basics of HTML, and it's been there when building up my PHP knowledge.

But soon we'll have to ditch it. And not for any negative reasons.

First off, where are we migrating to? Well, that would be my own private host!

Over the past two days I've been migrating to nginx (which is what the constant downtime on pizzaRepo was all about). Because I wanted to set up multi-website domain hosting the proper way.

You know bigchungusmc.ga? That was also hosted on pizzaRepo, but not in the way that you would think. It would actually redirect to pizzaRepo, but there was a PHP switch that detected the hostname, and if it was bigchungusmc.ga then it would just do die() with the HTML of the page. Jesus.

So doing it the proper way, I tried to setup virtual hosts on Apache. Because I was hosting pizzaRepo on XAMPP. Long story short Apache fucking sucks when it comes to virtual hosts.

Then I opted for nginx, and it was a BREEZE to setup virtual hosts. And nginx has better load balancing than Apache!

Anyway, let's go over the reasons why I'm now opting for selfhosting over Endless Hosting.

First off, back then I had no idea how to set up multiple websites on one Apache install. But now I do. On nginx.

Second, as I said earlier they've been working hard to keep their service free as long as they possibly can, and I'm hoping that my move will at least relieve some strain off of them.

Third, now that I'm in control of the whole thing, I don't need to worry about any database limits or storage limits.

Fourth, because my host pretty much has little average bandwidth compared to a web host like EH, the site will load and process a lot faster on my host. You can already see this for yourself by comparing the load times between pizzaRepo and this.

However, there's one thing that I'm gonna keep using on Endless Hosting and that's my Email. I can't setup Email on my own host because Virgin (yes that's actually what they're called) blocks port forwarding for custom Email. That kinda sucks.

So when is the move happening? Either today or tomorrow. This post will be updated once the move has commenced.

#4 - A long, long due update

28th March 2020

What happened ever since pizzaboxer.ml was updated to the v2 site in August 2019? There hasn't been a single site update for 7 months! Well... a lot, but actually not a lot too.

In late August, I made pizzaMC. A Minecraft Server on the then-latest snapshot, 19w35a. I was intending to make a site update about that, but I never really got around to it. Dunno why.

In November, I axed pizzaMC in favor of making pizzaRepo. I had just finished compiling the Old ROBLOX Revival Client Archive and I desperately needed somewhere to put up such a large file for download. By that point, pizzaMC was completely dead anyway.

I also took down pizzaUpload. While the custom domain was indeed cool, it took up too much space for images, and so I was constantly running the risk of being suspended by my web host. It was a lot easier to use something like safe.fiery.me anyway which is kinda funny because that's what pizzaUpload was inspired from in the first place.

Since then, all site updates and experiments happened over at pizzaRepo. Main reason for that was because it was SO much easier to update pizzaRepo than it was to update the main site.

The main site still had my messy HTML code from July when I was still just barely starting web development. It had not been updated at ALL since August, when I first made the v2 site design.

But hey, I was kinda bored today, and so I finally pulled my shit together and brought all the updates from pizzaRepo over to here, including cleaning up my messy HTML. So I guess now it's no longer abandoned?

About the future? I've been experimenting with stuff like custom email addresses, because months ago I was a dump ass and never knew how to set it up (it's actually really easy). Send me an email over at [email protected] if you want. At some point, pizzaboxer.ml WILL move to pizzaboxer.xyz. It's inevitable. The current domain will only last me 5 more months before Freenom decides to hold it captive from me.

That's quite a lengthy update, but remember, I haven't said anything in 7 months.

#3 - New Font Awesome Pro Thingy

4th August 2019

hi so we now have cool font awesome pro icons


no im not changing the finobe icon in the navbar i honestly cant be arsed to

yeah so thats it we just got some cool new g a m i n g looking icons

was this update worthy? i honestly don't even know. i'll let you be the judge of that.

#2 - New ShareX uploader implemented!

2nd August 2019

So, I implemented a ShareX uploader into a subdomain of pizzaboxer.ml, i.pizzaboxer.ml, and so my ShareX file generates a cool link, as you can see here:


...buuuut if you do want an account, you can get one. DM me at pizzaspawner#7142 if you want an upload key (you'll need a tinypng account too btw)

just be sure not to upload too much and just upload what you need to, and if you're being an ass and trying to fill up the storage, then your key will get revoked quite quickly

#1 - pizzaboxer.ml v2.0 will finally be pushed out of development today!

2nd August 2019

pizzaboxer.ml v2.0 has been in progress for 9 days, and we've already got a cool style, a file uploader, file directory, and a videos page!

Hey, at least that's a lot quicker than the progress on the old site which had been up for like 3 weeks and didn't even have a working file uploader, just the button to upload the file, there was literally no PHP code done for it at all lol

Anyway, pretty soon, the site will be pushed out from the pizzaboxer.ml/dev/ domain to the regular pizzaboxer.ml domain! yay!!!!!!

bum poo